10 Essential Elements of a Home Maintenance Contract

1. Detailed Information of Both Parties

Within every official maintenance contract, there are two parties involved: the client and the service provider like high-quality security doors Perth.

2. Ambivalent Terms Throughout the Contract

Any ambivalent or general terms used within the contract can be easily misunderstood. Saying things like “the work” or “on the job” certainly have their place in the contract, but it’s better to define those.

3. Service Details

It can be difficult to remember all the services that you’ve agreed upon during verbal negotiations. That’s why it’s helpful to list them all out.

4. Location(s) of Service

Depending on the client, there may be more than one location that needs maintenance.

5. Compensation Agreements

One of the most important pieces of your maintenance contract is listing out the agreed compensation for every service.

6. Payment Details

The compensation for each service isn’t the only portion of the payment that needs to be discussed.

7. Warranties

As with any business relationship, there may be a time or two where the client isn’t satisfied with the end result of the provider’s service. That doesn’t mean the contract needs to be ripped up.

8. Emergency Situations

There will probably be an occurrence where emergency service is needed that isn’t listed out in the maintenance agreement.

9. Responsibilities of Both Parties

Even though the provider is servicing the client, they aren’t responsible for every aspect of what’s being serviced.

10. Recurrence of Services

Lastly, both the client and the provider have an ideal number in their head for how frequently the provider will perform the service.

A Service Maintenance Contract Is a Phenomenal Aspect of Business

While some contracts in life can send people running for the hills, a service maintenance contract isn’t one of them… it’s a good thing to have.



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