7 Steps to Buying The Perfect Engagement Ring (Infographic)

1. Set A Budget

Doing this allows both you and your jeweller to save time and look at options that are within your price range.

2. Surprise Them

The entire journey of buying the perfect engagement ring for your spouse-to-be is much less exciting if you don’t do this. It seems like a trend for couples these days to shop for their engagement rings together. While this might mean that your partner gets to pick the ring that they want, there’s a lot that the both of you are missing out on.

3. (Sneakily) Get Their Ring Size

If you have decided that you are going to surprise your significant other, you’ll have to do this very sneakily. Find out where they keep their jewellery and get a hold of a ring that they don’t use often when they’re busy or not looking. You’ll want to make sure they still use the ring so that you know it is their current size. If you’re struggling to manage this, get a friend to help you out.

4. Take Notice Of Their Style

Take notice of the jewellery they wear and what their general style is. Do they love wearing big, glitzy statement pieces or do they stick to minimalist designs?

5. Choose The Band

Before you pick the band, do your research. Engagement ring bands are available in a myriad of precious metal options and designs. While colour and aesthetics should be taken into account when choosing, don’t forget to factor in the properties of these metals that affect their durability or how easily you can restore its original lustre and shine decades from now.

6. Pick A Stunning Diamond

Now comes the most daunting step, choosing the diamond. To ensure that you’re buying the best quality diamond for your budget, look into the 4 C’s: Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat.


7. Selecting the diamond shape

This step is really just a matter of identifying their preference. Diamonds come in round, princess (square), pear, oval and heart shapes. If you’re unsure of what she wants, go with round as it is classic in appearance and never goes out of style!



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Aiden Dallas


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