7 Tips to Remember When Visiting a Display Home

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Visiting display homes is perhaps the most fun part of looking for a new home, but it’s important to know what to look out for to make the most out of your visits. You’ll want to ensure that you have a mental checklist (or even a written one if you need it) of things to take into account during your visit so that you make a well-informed, sensible decision for you and your family.

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The Floor Plan

If you want your display home visit to be a productive one, know the floor plan well beforehand. In addition to ensuring that you visit display homes for floor plans that are within your budget, you’ll also be able to better asses whether or not this home design is suitable for you.

Your Needs

Are you a newly married couple or a big family with fur babies? Identifying your needs is an important step. Knowing them before stepping into a display home will allow you to further assess the flow and functionality of your house and whether or not it accommodates the needs and lifestyle of you and your family.

Your Budget

It’s not unlikely for you to be swept off your feet the moment you lay your eyes on the interior of a display home. They are furnished with the latest designs and are professionally decorated to win the hearts of viewers with their artistic brilliance. Remembering your budget keeps you grounded and prevents you from making impulsive decisions driven by wants that might just break the bank.

Ask Questions

With so much eye-candy to feast on in a display home, it’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics of it rather than paying attention to the functionality of the home. So instead of just assuming that the original home designs come with inclusions and additional furnishings that might actually cost you some extra money, find out what comes with the original home design and what extra charges will incur if you opt for premium upgrades.

Don’t shy away from asking questions on what you’ll be getting with the original floor plan, so you won’t be disappointed later on when you find that it doesn’t come with some of the fixtures or inclusions you saw in the display home.

The Fundamentals

By now you might already have decided that you love what you’re seeing, but take a closer look at the fundamental features you’ll need in your home. A display home is a great way to assess if the floor plan can give you sufficient storage space and check to see if the placement of power points delivers convenience while adhering to safety guidelines in places like the kitchen and laundry.

Finding Inspiration

While keeping the above essentials in mind, you can still find plenty of inspiration for your new home from anything that may have piqued a particular visual interest in you. It would be a waste to not draw some inspiration from a display home visit, regardless of your decision on whether this specific floor plan is ideal for you and your family.

The Best Time For A Visit

This is the first thing you should remember before visiting a display home, but we’ve deliberately put it last so you know just how important this is after knowing all the things you’ll have to keep in mind during a visit. Weekdays are generally quieter at display homes, so you’ll get to view it with minimal distractions while also getting better attention and service from friendly sales consultants.

Keep all these tips in mind (or your notebook) and you can head down to any display home of your choice knowing exactly what to look for in order to make the right decision. Also, remember to enjoy yourself throughout the process! Visiting display homes and dreaming about your new house can be really fun!

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