Operational Flexibility

During the Period an employer will be able to direct an employee to perform any task within their skill and competency (regardless of classification or normal work duties), provided the duties are safe and the employee is licensed and qualified to perform the tasks.

Part-time and Casual Employees Working From Home

An employer is now only required to roster a part-time employee who is working from home for a minimum of 2 consecutive hours on any rostered shift (rather than 3).

Ordinary Hours of Work for Employees Working From Home

An employer can make an agreement with an employee (who is working from home) to change their span of ordinary hours to allow the employee to work between:

  • 7am and 12.30pm on Saturday.

Temporary Reduction in Ordinary Hours

The employer can temporarily reduce its permanent employees’ hours of work to not less than 75% (up to a 25% reduction) of their full-time ordinary hours or agreed part-time hours immediately prior to the reduction.

Directions to Take Annual Leave

An employer can now direct its employees to take annual leave with only one week’s notice or a shorter agreed period (including any close-down).



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