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Your garden is often an underused space for entertaining. When the sun is out it can be a great destination for parties and all sorts of social gatherings, and a great place to relax and socialize in the evenings. Check out this list of easy ways to spruce up your garden and outdoor areas for summer entertaining. *This post contains affiliate links.

Designer Lighting

If you are entertaining outside and need to take into account evening entertainment, then designer lighting might be something to bear in mind. It can go a long way towards adding some atmosphere to the occasion and can be a focal point of your garden and outdoor areas.


If you plan on having a barbeque or garden party that you think may last into the night then outdoor lights are a must-have!

If you plan on having a barbeque or garden party that you think may last into the night then outdoor lights are a must-have!


With the correct designer lighting, you can create the perfect ambiance. Even if it’s just for you, the right lighting means you can sit outside in your garden, read a book and enjoy the peace and quiet on a warm summer evening.

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Outdoor Heating

Even during the summer time things can get a little cooler when night descends, but here’s no need to go indoors. In addition to wood burning best fire pits, there are some other great outdoor heating options that can keep things cozy. That way you can still enjoy your garden areas when it’s a little chilly in the fall too. Again, this is also great if you are having guests around — there is no need for the fun to end! Outdoor heating can be a great way to make your garden more comfortable and cozy for everyone to enjoy.


Appropriate Outdoor Storage

There is nothing worse than a messy garden! Kids are often likely to leave their toys lying around outside and garden tools can easily clutter things up. Luckily you can find great garden storage to hide all it all away. I love the storage benches that look like conventional garden furniture but allow you to put miscellaneous garden junk or children’s toys inside.

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A shed is also a great idea. A larger space like this allows you to safely and easily store gardening equipment as well as bikes, toys and other odds and ends.


Keep It Neat and Tidy

This might sound obvious, but a freshly mowed lawn can make all the difference to the way your garden looks. If your lawn is new — then it’s a good idea to wait a little while before mowing it, and it’s also important to make sure that your mower blade is sharp for optimal grass cutting. By mowing your lawn, you’ll encourage it to grow and look lush and green. Using a trimmer to give it a crisp edge will also give it extra definition and help it to look extra impressive for when your guests come over.


Boost Curb Appeal

Cleaning up the lawn and garden will certainly boost the curb appeal of your home and make your outdoor entertaining spaces more enjoyable.

Nest of Posies

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the plants that look tired or scruffy. Replacing them with fresh new plants is well worth the effort, and choosing the right ones can add a bit of color and life into your garden. Potted plants in containers are also a fast and easy way to add style and color to any area of the garden or around entertaining areas.

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Before you begin, you may want to thoroughly disinfect and wash your garden pots. You can do this easily with a bucket of water and some detergent. This will help prevent the spread of plant disease and fungus.

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In addition to plants and flowers you can increase curb appeal by tidying up your patio or deck. Of course a patio covered in weeds in not a good look! You can get rid of these by using weeding tools or all natural weed killer. After removing the weeds, you can fill up the cracks to make sure it looks as good as new.

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If you have a deck that is covered in dirt, algae or mold you will want to pressure wash it and seal with a beautiful stain or protective top coat. Once you have cleaned up your deck or patio and freshened up the garden and landscape with new plants and potted flowers in pretty containers, you will be ready to entertain in style!

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If you want to make the most of your garden and outdoor entertaining spaces , then try out some of these simple tips mentioned above. With a little bit of extra effort can have your garden areas looking “magazine worthy” and ready to impress your guests in next to no time.

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How is your garden space shaping up this year? I would love to hear from you!

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