How to switch your property manager

Signs you need to change property manager

How to change your property manager

  1. Inform your current property manager that you wish to terminate their services ensuring you are outside the dated terms of the agreement. You will need to give written notice as per the terms of your current contract, usually 28 days.
  2. Sign on with your new property manager and fill out the required documentation. This will allow them to act on your behalf and take care of all communication with your tenants and current agency for handover.
  3. The changeover will then be handled by your new property manager, including picking up the property file and keys.
  4. Your tenants will then be notified of this transition and welcomed to the new agency. Some property managers will choose to meet them in person and discuss any issues with the rental.

Switching property managers FAQs

How do I find a new property manager?

Can I change my property manager mid-lease?

What can I do if I am locked into a contract?

How much will changing property managers cost me?

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