Importance of well written Software

Aiden Dallas
1 min readMay 4, 2021


Some of the testers and developers were paid as little as $9 US an hour to test and develop software and lacked a thorough background in aerospace.

There have been many investigations to try and make sense how crucial decisions were made about the Max’s software. Investigators suspect it was bad data from a single sensor that caused the MCAS system to push planes into uncontrollable dives.

The software design used, damaged essential standards of repetition for generations of Boeing engineers, and the organisation apparently never tried to identify how the product would react.

We often deal with the results of using the wrong skills for complex software development. In the last 24 months we’ve assisted customers fix a high number of software projects that have had the below issues;

  • Major security issues;
  • Poor performance;
  • Requirements they thought they were getting were not met;
  • Or, just run way over schedule.

In the end they find the cost savings they are looking for are a false economy.

Read the entire report from Bloomberg here.

Article Source: Importance of well written Software; $9-an-Hour Engineers outsourced for Boeing’s 737 Max Software



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