John loves the variety at Rise Creatives

Aiden Dallas
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Our social centre is based in Warwick and provides a variety of artistic opportunities for people to enjoy.

Variety at Creative Arts by Rise

At Creative Arts by Rise people can paint, draw and sew. They can also enjoy the pottery and woodwork rooms where they can make a huge range of items!

For Rise, it is important that people have choice about what they would like to work on. And the sense of pride our artists have at completing a project is beautiful to see!

The art room

John spends most of his time in the art room. He has overcome many challenges to become a painter, working mainly on acrylics on canvas.

John produces magnificent landscapes, exhibiting and selling his work around Perth.

I have really enjoyed attending Creative Arts by Rise as there is so much to do!

John was featured in our Celebrating People Book 2016–2017. This coffee table book contains stories from our staff, volunteers and clients across the whole organisation. You can get a copy at our head office — 12 Leslie Road Middle Swan.

Rise Creatives

If you’re feeling arty, creative or want a new hobby check out our Arts Hub in Warwick. The perfect place for people with disability, those with mental health issues and older people to explore their creative side. Call 08 6274 3700 or email:




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