Step by Step Guide to the Home Building Process

Set Your Budget & Do Your Research

Whether you already have a preferred house design in mind or want to customize your build, there are some things to factor in while making your decision. This includes your budget.

Find Your Land

If you’ve already picked your location, you may not have many options when it comes to buying the kind of land you want to build on. However, bear in mind that your home design has to be compatible with the block you’re building on.

Choose Your Home Design

There are plenty of home designs for you to choose from, including custom homes, house and land packages as well as project homes.

Choose Your Home Builder

Finding the right home builder for your project is crucial. During your research, you should get recommendations from friends and also survey the list of licensed builders on the Master Builders’ Association.

Apply For A Home Loan

Before you do this, find out how much deposit you’re required to pay. Get your conveyancer or solicitor to check your contract to help you understand how progress payments will be determined.

Sign The Contract

Once you have checked the costs, go through the contract carefully with your solicitor or conveyancer before you sign it. You must also ensure that your contract complies with the laws and council requirements in your local area.

Monitor The Build

Before the construction begins, you’ll meet with your builder to select the final material, fittings and furnishing for your home. After that, monitoring your build closely is crucial to ensure that it stays on time and within budget.

Complete The Handover

About a week from the time construction ends, you should be able to collect the keys and make any final payments before you move in. Ensure that you receive a copy of relevant certificates and warranties as stated in your contract.


Whether you’re going to be living in the house or renting it out as an investment property, successfully completing a home building project is definitely cause for celebration.



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