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One of the best things about being an electrician is the ability to work across different sectors providing vital services to the community. The potential to diversify your skills in multiple areas of electrical work is an exciting and rewarding prospect for many. There are so many areas to pivot into when looking to switch up their careers. In WA, where air conditioning is necessary in virtually all buildings, there are amazing potential opportunities for electricians who upskill in this area.

In our state, where the climate is famous for long hot summers and cool, wet winters, air conditioning units play a much more significant role than in other parts of the world. More households rely on split-system air conditioning to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the year. These systems can be installed and maintained more cost-effectively than separate systems, another reason they are rising in popularity. Today’s electricians can benefit significantly from becoming air con specialists as we will continue to see this steady demand.

Air con servicing job opportunities for electricians

As an air con specialist, your role will consist of installing, setting and servicing air conditioning and refrigeration systems. In order to fix any issues, a good understanding of the product and service experience is essential. Air con servicing is required in many residential and commercial buildings, including homes, shops, factories, office buildings and hospitals.

There are many personal and professional benefits for electricians wishing to become air con specialists, such as:

  • Broaden your skillset and advance your knowledge with additional training courses
  • Enjoy a promising and future proff career pathway
  • Become more employable within the lucrative residential sector
  • Work with clients across different industries and combine various disciplines into one specialised field
  • Be in demand wherever you go with Australian qualifications
  • Contribute to protecting the environment with energy-efficient technology

Upskill with an air conditioning training course

Obtaining an accredited qualification is the first step to advancing your career, improving your prospects as an electrician and broadening your skill set to service more clients. Once you’ve completed a course, you’ll be eligible to apply for a Restricted Heat Pump — Split Systems — Installation and Decommissioning license from the Australian Refrigeration Council.

Upskill your electrical career at CET

We provide a wide range of Post Trade and Telecommunication courses to help prepare future electricians for the different sectors of the trade industry — even after you’ve gained your trade certification. This allows you to specialise and grow your expertise in any way you would like, whenever you would like.

Certificate II In Split Air Conditioning And Heat Pump Systems At Cet

This air con training course is a nationally accredited course at CET that will teach you how to install, commission and decommission a single-head, split air conditioning and heat pump system. By completing this air conditioning course, you’ll be able to assemble, position and start up air conditioning units including wall hung, floor and ceiling suspended, cassette, ducted fan coil-split systems and water heating systems. This knowledge will allow you to benefit from the consistent demand for the installation and removal of refrigerator air conditioners and heat pump systems in WA.

At CET, we provide a conducive learning environment where you can practice your skills in a simulated setting. If you have obtained the competencies and skills in this course outside of a formal setting, whether through life or work experience, you can apply for the CET Skills Recognition process.

Pivot your electrical career with us today

Our air con training course is an excellent option if you’re interested in performing split system installations in Perth. The skills you’ll acquire will enable you to complement your electrical license and work on various air conditioning and heating systems.

Ready to get started? You can apply to our Certificate II in Split Air Conditioning here. If you’d like to know more about our post-trade and air conditioning courses or have any questions, contact us, and we’ll be happy to advise you.




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